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Eat The Frog [LF015]

by Nadja Lind, Paul Loraine



It has been great for us to see Nadja Lind and Helmut Ebritsch's label Lucidflow, grow over the past 18 months. During that time, the label has released an array of material, that has ranged from dark, glitchy techno, to the most delicate of deep house. We have also seen Nadja's own productions develop and boost the success of the label.

Since its creation, Lucidflow has played host to a small but choice selection of guest producers. Alex Kaddour & Goiko, Carlos Sanchez & DJ Ray, Mirza-Zadeh, G-Man and Silicone Soul have all lent their talents on releases, and today the label welcomes UK producer Paul Loraine, who teams up with Nadja on the "Eat The Frog" EP.

Paul skills the behind the decks has seen him ply his trade on the UK circuit for the past few years. Now making music, those skills are being well used outside of the UK. His 2010 EP's for Veryverywrongindeed Recordings and Four:Twenty Recordings, saw him feature in the charts and sets of the worlds elite, and with remixes already in the pipeline for legendary Glasgow label Soma, 2011 is looking likely to be his strongest year to date.

Their "Eat The Frog" EP features three original productions that range from lush and deep, to tough and swinging. All featuring great vocal samples throughout. Label boss Helmut Ebritsch steps up on the remix of the title track, and fresh from the success of his Hatikvah album on Soma, takes "Eat The Frog" on a jackin' and dreamy excursion.

Gruenbox: 'Lucidflow's releases keep getting better and better, great work! ;) ' (will chart) <br/>
City Soul Project: 'Full support for 'Get You!' sounds ace - will play' <br/>
Let's Go Outside: 'Absolutely love "Get You!". Beautiful piece. Nice release across the board.' <br/>
Combinator: 'Get You! is for me, groovy!' <br/>
Terry Francis: 'helmuts mix for me' <br/>
Da Funk: 'helmut ebritsch remix is my fave nut get you! is also cool! thanks for sending' <br/>
UGLH: 'Love this ep. Awesome......!!! Thanks.' <br/>
Steve Kelley: 'Great track!!Loving Get You! Great vibe and beats!' (will chart) <br/>
Funk D'Void: 'Loving Double Swinged, big props to LucidFlow!!' <br/>
Laurent Blondeau ( LO ): 'eat the frog is my favorite, nice feeling, will play LO (superfreq)' (will chart) <br/>
Soukie & Windish: 'Soukie & Windish: quak! good release, we like that' <br/>
Martin: 'Nice n deep, I like the Ebritsch remix from this package the most.' <br/>
DZeta N' Basile: 'Strong EP, our fav must be Eat The Frog. Thanks for sending it' (will chart) <br/>
Tom Maddicott: 'Lovely house - will def play double swinged out' <br/>
Arnaud (Input Selector): 'Already have the promo thanks to Paul, played Eat The Frog last night, great EP! Cheers, Arnaud' <br/>
Richard Seeley: 'Helmut Ebritsch remix is a killer! Excellent work ; ) 'Get you' floats my boat too! All round great ep 9/10!' (will chart) <br/>
Pablo Fierro: 'Great Stuff!! Great Label!! Thank you for send..:)' <br/>
Antonio Oliveri: 'Like Helmut Ebritschs´ remix' <br/>
Patrick Lindsey: 'helmuts remix is awesome.. will chart!' (will chart) <br/>
DZeta N' Basile: 'Strong package, will definitely support! Fav mix 'Get You' Thanx' (will chart) <br/>
Sander Bekeschus: 'I guess, I know what vocal that is :). Sounds really like "klartraum". Straight percussion, no experiments. Like the mello of eat the frog, and the sound. Love also the Chord on Helmut´s Remix. Double swinged in definitely an earworm, especially that voval, betted in deep chords. Also love the chord on GET YOU, the female vocal is good for clubs, but maybe a little annyoing after listening to it a couple of times. Maybe I would like all of the songs a little more, if they would have a little less minimalistic attitude. Thank you for sharing!' <br/>
DJ Luca Ricci: 'Thank you I'm downloading for Luca Ricci. ' <br/>
Markojux: 'i love the dubby nature of your tracks.. these i will play and support. much thanks.' <br/>
Andre Buljat: 'get you is the one for me here! nice job guys : )' (will chart) <br/>
Eddie Merced: 'Thanks for sending me this package... I'm loving it, nice deep sounds this is an awesome EP all around... Double Swinged is just dope!! Can't wait to play it! :)' (will chart) <br/>
Qmusse : 'Nice tunes! Double swinged is the one for me. Muchas Gracias!' (will chart) <br/>
Ocean Gaya (Lovezone Rec.): 'Solid release in the Ludiflow eccentric style ! My pics : Get You and Eat The Frog Helmut's edit. Keep the good work.' <br/>
Kenneth Broxgaard (Tic Tac Toe): 'not feeling this one..' <br/>
Steve Kelley: 'Loving Eat the Frog (Helmut Ebritsch Remix). Wicked grooove!!! Supporting!' (will chart) <br/>
Le Vinyl: 'double swinged for me thx :) ' <br/>
Matthias Springer: 'eat the frog and get you are the ones for me, really great atmo, full support!' <br/>
DJ Lulxia: 'I already enjoy Nadja and Helmut work, because of strong bass, groove and minimalism and this new project with Paul Loraine...comes with a prog touch...its beautiful! Inspiring! :o)' <br/>
Maurizio Vitiello: 'another great release on lucidflow... thx! my faves are the remix from Helmut and Get You! :)' <br/>
Paul (The Disclosure Project): 'double swinged and helmuts remix are the ones that appeal to me the most here, thanks for sending' <br/>
Silky: 'Love this release! Great work! Amazing remix from Helmut also! Supporting and playing for SURE! ' (will chart) <br/>
Solee: 'good productions as usual! very deep & housy...unfortunately nothing for me to play in my sets. thanks anyway!' <br/>
riccicomoto: '...a really great release...congrats..!!! dis kind of deep dub n´jazzy stuff... ...all tracks are great... ...will play the hole release during my radioshows...' <br/>
The Messenger: 'Very nice release.Hard to pick a favorite from this one.Suppose we'll play them all.Will be charted too.Greatly done!' (will chart) <br/>
People Get Real: 'the Helmut Ebritsch remix is brilliant, lovely and dubby. Nice chopping of the vocal in the first minute as well. ' (will chart) <br/>
Onur Özman: 'Lovely Package. "Double Swinged" hat me deeply.' <br/>
Evren Ulusoy: 'Helmut remix for me here.Get you is also nice !' <br/>
Fallhead: 'thank you very much. it is a great release ! my fave is "Get You !" full support' <br/>
Alex Kaddour: 'Double Swinged & Get You for me!! will play...' <br/>


released January 18, 2011

Nadja Lind, Paul Loraine, Helmut Ebritsch



all rights reserved


Nadja Lind Berlin, Germany

Nadja has been producing since 2004 by herself and also countless co-ops: Klartraum, Brendon Moeller, G-Man aka LFO, Paul Loraine, Grünbox, Omar Salgado, UGLH amongst others...
Under her moniker Aashya you will find binaural ambient drones and she is a producer of iAwake Technologies
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